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8 Tips For Writing Great Adult Personal Ads


Writing your own adult personal ads can at first seem a little daunting, but by following these simple guidelines you’ll soon be able to articulate who you are and what you are looking for in your online match. Getting to know another person is exciting and fun, so enjoy your online dating experience.

Adult personal ad tip# 1

Be Yourself. The objective of your adult personal ad is to attract the kind of person who would be compatible with you. Take the time to have a really good think about who you are and who you would like to meet. If you are looking for someone who shares your goals, values, sense of humor, lifestyle and perhaps religion or other specific criteria then state this in your adult personal ad. Be honest with yourself and the people who will be reading your personal ad, otherwise you will attract the wrong type of response.

Adult personal ads tip# 3

Write The Way You Speak. After you have made notes about the type of person you are looking for, look at the style of writing you have used. When you are putting the final touches on your adult personal ad keep in mind the way you wrote your first notes. Does your adult personal ad sound too stilted and different from your first notes? Is your personal ad a little over done do you need to add more of who you are into the feeling of the ad? Would someone reading your adult personal ad get an accurate feel for the type of person you are? And remember the basics - make sure you spell check everything then read your personal ad again to make sure it makes sense. Bad grammar and spelling could definitely create a bad impression of who you are.

Adult personal ad tip# 4

Be Positive. Your adult personal ad is there to promote you. Creating the best impression so that like-minded people will respond to your personal ad is the main objective, so be positive! Everyone has things that have happened in their past that make them cringe every-time they think of it so let it go and don’t dwell on it. If you’ve just broken up from a ten-year relationship don’t go into morbid detail about how you feel. Put your best foot forward and think positive, because it will show through in your personal ad.

Adult personal ads tip# 5

Celebrate what makes you special. Everyone is unique and has special skills and characteristics that make them who they are. If you have a talent, interesting career or pastime, let people know about it in your adult personal ad. If it's important to you, then it needs to go into your personal ad as this builds up an image of who you are and what’s important to you. Other members of the online dating service that share similar interests, or think that what you enjoy doing sounds interesting will be drawn to your ad because of what you have said about yourself.

Adult personal ad tip# 6

Add a Picture Of Yourself. Submitting a picture of yourself along with your adult personal ads is extremely important. Ads that don't have a photograph included get far fewer responses than those that do. Make sure the photo that you submit does you justice there’s no point selling yourself short you know you’re a great person, so show the world just how great you are! If you can submit more than one photo, take some formal and informal, outdoors and indoors shots give your fellow members an idea of what you like to do and who you really are.

Adult personal ads tip# 2

Be Sincere. Begin as you mean to go on. Be sincere in your adult personal ad. Be who you really are if you have a quirky sense of humor, let it shine through in your personal ad. If you are easy-going and relaxed, then tell prospective members exactly that. In your personal ad honestly describe who you are looking for and the things that are most important to you in a relationship. If your online relationship develops into something further then you will be meeting that person face-to-face eventually, so be sincere and honest from the start.

Adult personal ads tip# 7

Finding the right online dating service. Most of the online dating services mentioned here are generally high quality sites that have earned very good reputations since their entrance into the online dating arena. When you are choosing online dating services to place your personal ad onto, look for online dating sites that have a good range of people who appear to be compatible with you. Many of the big online dating networks have specific sites for different categories of relationships or activities that you may be interested in.

Adult personal ads tip# 8

Take the time to have a really good think about who you are and the type of person you would like to meet before you start to write your personal ad. The aim of your adult personal ad is to promote you, so enjoy discovering a little more about what’s important to you and start looking for that perfect match. Enjoy writing your adult personal ads.


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