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Where To Find UK Dating Sites For British Singles, And International Sites For Australian Singles, New Zealand Singles, Hispanic Dating And More

Let's Start With UK Dating Sites For British Singles

Some quick facts: Nearly 84 per cent of the United Kingdom (UK) population lives in England, with the remainder living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In England, the population is mainly in the major cities and metropolitan areas of London and the South East, South and West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, the West Midlands, and conurbations on the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees. Almost one-third of the population lives in the prosperous and fertile southeast and is predominantly urban and suburban - with over 7 million in the capital of London.

So, knowing those statistics, and with the help of our selected UK dating sites, there are plenty of people in the UK to contact for a chat, a date, a soul mate or possibly to form a lasting relationship with.

Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world so there is no shortage of singles to get to know for a chat, a date, a soul mate or possibly to form a lasting relationship with.

Whether you are looking for: singles in Birmingham, singles in London, singles in Liverpool, singles in Sheffield, singles in Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, or to meet singles in one of the beautiful smaller towns in Britain…. then you'll find them at any of these British singles sites.


Australian Dating and New Zealand Dating For Australian Singles and New Zealand Singles

Important: To ensure 100% relevancy we have elected to list a leading Australian Based dating site that features genuine Australian singles and New Zealand Singles. Many other Australian Dating and New Zealand dating services operate out of North America.

Wanting to meet singles from Down-Under? When compared to North America, Australia (OZ) and New Zealand have small populations. Australia is home to around 20 million people (affectionately known as Aussies) and New Zealand has around 4 million (affectionately known as Kiwis). The smaller numbers is part of the attraction and is what makes these countries so special.

Both countries are known for their friendly, fun loving people. New Zealand and Australia are safe, beautiful and fascinating countries to visit.

In 2006 an Australian Demographer named Bernard Salt found from census figures that some towns in Australia (particularly in the mining areas) had a high proportion of males to females.
Singleton in New South Wales (Australia) had 180 males to 100 females. The Burdekin/Ayr area in Queensland recorded 171 males to 100 females.

Mackay also in Queensland had 156 men to 100 women. Back in New South Wales the town of Griffith recorded a population ratio of 141 males to 100 females.

Gladstone had a ratio of 141 males, Wollongong 140 males, Lithgow 139 males, Bunbury (South Australia) 139 males, Whyalla (also South Australia) 137 males, and Ballina in New South wales recorded 136 males to 100 females. So for a woman life "down-under" could be very good.

Keep in mind the time change and the seasonal differences when meeting singles that lives in Australia or New Zealand and have the time of your life with the friendly types that you are sure to meet.

Dating Sites To Meet Hispanic Singles –
Hispanic Women and Hispanic Men

The Hispanic singles dating sites listed here have HUGE Latin American membership bases of Hispanic women and Hispanic men. These are all singles sites that offer FREE memberships. While some of the listed online dating sites specialize in hispanic dating, others have very large hispanic communities as part of their online dating memberships.

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