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4 Services To Look For When You
Join Dating Services Online


There are hundreds of dating services online and they do vary in quality and what they offer. We've searched the internet to sort out what we consider to be the important features to look for when you join a dating service online.

Most of the online dating services we mention offer free membership. Some sites offer this feature indefinitely, while others may have a 14 day free trial period. Either way, free membership gives you a great opportunity to test drive’ one or more dating services online to see what features they each have. You can also search a range of member profiles to find what you’re looking for.

1. Better Search Options

Subscription members have access to more powerful and sophisticated search options than some of the basic search functions found in the free areas of an online dating service. Automated search agents will look through millions of profiles to seek out compatible profile matches and deliver the newest profiles directly to your inbox. You may also have access to ‘matchmaking’ services and other search features that make finding a more compatible partner so much easier.

The development and ongoing support required in keeping these search engines functioning successfully comes at a price to the online dating service. The fees you pay help to increase the likelihood of you finding your perfect match.


2. Better communication options

Some online matching services have a free contact feature that allows you to show someone you're interested in them. However, if you want to continue to communicate with the member past the point of a free introduction, you will need to subscribe to the online dating service. Other dating services will only allow you to browse their database and search for compatible profiles – any communication with another member past this stage is a subscription only service.

When you subscribe to an online matching service you are benefiting from their secure site. Each person has the ability to get to know each other in a safe and anonymous environment. Member identities and personal details remain confidential until they feel ready to share these details with another member.

Some online dating services also utilize paging features that automatically notify you of any new messages from your dating service. Using this feature on date sites not only allows you to receive automatic notification of any new messages, but you can also send and receive private messages from your Mailbox.

So why should you take the plunge and subscribe to one or more dating services online when you can search the databases for free?

The answer to that question can be said in one word, ‘QUALITY’.

Having a personalized email address, being able to create a Hotlist and Ignore list, host chatrooms and turn your profile on and off are all great features that allow you to control your online dating experience like never before.

3. Great customer support

The majority of the dating services online have reputations for great customer support. The support centres are there to help you with any problems you are encountering using their service. Whether its technical advice, site information or general queries – the support centre staff are paid to make your online dating experience fun and rewarding.

4. Added features and services

Internet dating services also offer other online features and services to their subscription members. Features such as daily horoscopes, photo ratings, free e-greeting cards, interactive Magazines, voice greeting facilities and video greeting facilities are just some of the fun and interactive services available to subscription members.

Quick Tip

The cost of subscribing to dating services online is reflective of the high quality features that you will receive as a subscription member. Fees vary from site to site, so check out what services and features will be available to you as a subscription member and make full use of them once you have subscribed. Most sites will cost you less per month than a meal out for two, so have a look and enjoy your romatic adventure!

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