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How To Get Free Dating Service Memberships

Many online sites offer free dating service memberships. Some date services offer this free membership feature indefinitely, while others may have a 14-day free trial membership period. Either way, a dating service membership gives you a great opportunity to ‘test drive’ the service to see if it has the membership features and range of member profiles that you are seeking.

What features to expect with a FREE dating site membership

Each online date service has different services for its member's to use. In order to use the membership features you must first sign-up with the online date sites. This is fast and easy and usually takes only a few moments to do.

Most of the free dating services have a basic profile for you to complete and they allow you to place at least one photo of yourself on their site. Some will let you place up to 10 photos on their database.

Most of the sites allow you to put at least one personal ad online free of charge.

And, some of them will e-mail you ‘search updates’ weekly. These will show current member's who match the criteria you specified when doing your favorite saved search. What this means is that instead of browsing the personal ads daily, you can get a good set of profiles to search through on a weekly basis.

With the sophisticated matching technology used by most online dating services and the huge databases of single men and single women actively searching for a partner, there is a great chance you will indeed meet your perfect match online.

Chat Rooms, Advice Columns And More

When you are looking through the features and services that different sites offer, have a look for ‘value added’ features that are on offer for free of charge.

Many of the online dating services listed offer free membership to their chat rooms, and have online advice columns for you to read, and they may even give you access to a free newsletter or online publication.

Contacting members for free

Keep an eye out for services that allow you to send an, "I’m interested in you" message to members that you might like to contact. Depending on the particular dating service you join, this can be an ‘ice breaker’ message selected from their list of pre-written messages. Some even have a ‘flirt’ button which has a list of conversation starters, or a ‘smile’ icon to show someone you're interested in them.

The online dating service will then e-mail your message to selected members, and in even some cases include your profile and photo. This can be a really simple way to start a great relationship.

Everyone is unique and has special skills and characteristics that make them who they are. If you have a talent, interesting career or pastime, let people know about it. If it's important to you, then it needs to go into your profile as this builds up an image of who you are and what’s important to you. There will be other members of the online dating service that share similar interests, or think that what you enjoy doing sounds interesting will be drawn to your profile because of what you have said about yourself. Sign up for your free dating service memberships now.

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