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Online Dating Advice For Men And Women
To Make Your Profile Work For You

The first piece of online dating advice for women or men, is to learn how to communicate correctly on dating sites. You will need to think carefully when writing your personal ad. Think about how to exchange e-mails with a woman (or man) who may reply to your personals ad. Think about how best to conduct an effective Instant Messaging (IM) conversation. Get those basics right and you could be on your way to landing your first date.

Nothing turns someone off more than a man or women who can't shut up. So, another snippet of online dating advice for men or women is to NOT ramble on and give your whole story in the first email or instant message conversion.

Keep your email replies friendly and concise (i.e. perhaps no more than three sentences in length). In the first 2 sentences you could answer a question she or he might have asked. Then use the last sentence or two for asking her (or him) a question.

Another bit of online dating advice for women or men is don't send out too many email messages as you don't want to appear desperate. And don't send out a lot on the same day. It is better to slowly get to know each other and build a genuine relationship of interest, understanding and caring.

I appreciate this may be difficult especially if the women or guy is "hot", but self discipline is what's required. My advice for both men and women is to limit yourself to perhaps two emails a day. If you are using instant messaging, then maybe limit your contact to 15 minutes at a time. It is usually better to be a little elusive initially rather than be too full on. Revealing everything at once is not always the best approach, even if that's the way you like to operate in the bedroom.

My next piece of online dating advice is to not spread yourself too thin. If you try and build up a relationship with several other single men or women at the same time, you might end up without a serious relationship with any one individual person. You are better to narrow down your search and focus your attention on the men or women who really interest you.

The other problem with trying to communicate with too many other singles at once, is that you might forget what you said to each of them. You might end up repeating yourself or leaving out important details. You might also overlook something important the other person has said.

Some online dating services have quite short, straight-forward personal profiles that take only a little time to complete. Others will ask you numerous questions about your perfect match.

Online Dating Advice For Women Or Men Is To Be Honest With The other Party

Unfortunately a lot of men and women falsify their profiles to get a date. They lie about themselves, their interest, their marital status, their income, their level of education, or their occupation. Don't lie or cheat, because it can have a nasty habit of catching up to you.

The objective of your online profile is to give other dating service members an honest idea of who you really are, and what you are seeking in your perfect match. Being honest is an important bit of dating advice for men and women. Because, when other club members read your honest profile it will more likely attract a genuine response from the kind of person you are genuinely looking for.

Before you start to fill out your questionnaire take the time to have a really good think about who you are and the type of man or woman you would like to meet. If you are looking for someone who shares your goals, your values, your sense of humor, your lifestyle and perhaps your religion, then answer any questions about these issues honestly and frankly.

Be honest with yourself and with the people who will be reading your profile. That way you will have a much better chance of finding the perfect match.

All online dating services have some form of online profile that you are asked to complete in order to get an idea of not only who you are, but the type of person you are looking for in a perfect match.

More online dating advice is to look around a few of the online dating services in order to find a site that best meet your expectations.

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