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How To Make An Online Dating Comparison
Between The Different Websites

There are hundreds of different dating services on the internet and it can be hard to make a good online dating comparison between the various sites. Fortunately many of the main dating sites offer similar services as they don't want to be disadvantaged by offering anything less than their competitors. It is usually best to join one of the major services (many are listed on this sites), unless you are after a niche service such as gay daing, senior dating, asian dating etc. In that case there are various sites in each of those and other niche categories.

With thousands of single men and women profiled at online dating site databases you may begin to wonder if looking for that perfect love match is a going to be a bit like looking for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ but fear not. Here are some of the main dating sites to consider.

All online dating sites seem to have a Quick Search option that allows you to search their database to find other members based on the most basic information that you could possibly use as search categories, for example, man looking for a woman aged 35-45. But be warned using a quick search will identify hundreds of members from which to choose from, and you will probably need a new pair of eyes after staring at the computer screen for days on end.

Most of the online dating sites identified have excellent and advanced search options that will quickly eliminate unsuitable profiles from your search results. After all, you are looking for the best love match right? By using these advanced search options you will find much more compatible matches from their database of members. Hopefully you will be like thousands of others and find your perfect love match.

Many of the online dating sites also utilize two-way matching technology to locate all of the members that meet the requirements of what you are looking for. This narrows that list to those members who are looking for people with a profile like yours. This type of searching creates a potentially more accurate love match than a basic online dating search.

If you don’t have access to a digital photo of yourself to add to your profile, ask the online dating service if they offer free scanning of member photos. You will be surprised at how many online dating services do offer this service for free.

The most important thing to remember as you go through your profile questionnaire is this. The more complete and honest your answers, the better your chances will be of finding the person right for you. So answer all the questions it may take an extra few minutes, but the rewards will make it very worthwhile.

The main thing is to get started and begin your search for your perfect partner. Most of the major sites are long established and reliable, so it is not so much about doing an online dating comparison between the services, but more about doing your dating comparison between elligible partners online.


  • eHarmony dating site uses a pre-screening technique using personality tests.
  • is one of the internet's biggest sites with over a million active members. is for singles wanting friendship and romance.
  • started way back in 1986 and has a long history and reputation of matching couples.
  • Zoosk has around 50 million users and intergrates through Facebook.
  • PlentyofFish has around 23 million members mainly in the UK and USA.
  • OkCupid gets members to answer questions generated by users to make sure they fit a users preferences.
  • Lavalife is another long established dating service online.
  • GayRomeo uses instant messaging and is specifically for gays, bisexuals and transgender men.

Some online dating sites have gone the extra mile and utilizes sophisticated searching technology that in essence observes who you contact, then uses what it learns to determine what qualities would be found in your ideal match. Then each time you view your matches, the search engine locates much more compatible profiles for you to look at.

Using automated searches to locate the most compatible love matches makes the process easy.

For those of you that haven’t got hours to scan profiles on an online dating site, make the most of automated search agents. These search the online database of profiles to seek out compatible love matches. And what’s even better, is that most of the online dating sites featured will deliver the newest profiles directly to your inbox. Research this site for online dating comparisons.


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