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7 Tips For Online Dating Safety


The internet matching services highlighted on Review Dating Sites offer great services and features to ensure that your internet date experience is fun and as safe as possible. For all the major sites online dating safety is a top priority as they need to protect their members wherever possible.

Whether you decide to chat over the internet or meet members offline, use common sense and trust your intuition with online dating safety. If something doesn’t sound or feel right then stop. The same dating safety rules apply for keeping safe regardless of whether you’re online or in the ‘real’ world.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 1

Anonymity. Remaining anonymous is a safe way to begin all internet dating relationships. Make sure that the online matching services you are using have online dating safety features, such as a double-blind system, that ensures your true identity is protected until you decide to reveal it.

Under NO circumstances should you include your last name, email address, home address, phone number, place of work or any other identifying information in your free profile or initial messages.

If anyone tries to pressure you into revealing personal information before you have checked them out properly, then STOP communicating with them – there are plenty of genuine people out there, but there’s also a few ‘strange ones’, so beware and look out for your own personal online safety.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 2

Build trust. Get to know someone really well before you divulge too much personal information. Trust takes time to build, especially when you really don’t know much about the person when you start emailing each other. If you think someone’s not being completely honest with you, then decide whether you want to continue communicating with that person. Your own online safety should always come first.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 3

Take things slowly. One of the most important things about online dating safety is to take things slowly and really get to know the person you are emailing before you take the relationship too far. There’s definitely a lot of truth in the old saying that some things are too good to be true! As you begin to communicate with a newfound friend via email, keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t add up trust your instincts - the person at the other end may not be who they say they are.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 4

Adding a photo. The internet dating services on this site give members the option of supplying a photo when they register with the matching service – some even allow up to 10 individual images to be displayed! Some online dating services also have facilities to scan member photos for them at no additional cost to the member – so there’s no excuse why a member photo can’t be displayed!

A photo can give you a good idea of the person’s appearance and you may give you an indication about whether you want to strike up a relationship with this person.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 5

Telephone conversations. Once you get to know the person you have been chatting to via email, talk on the phone before you meet up in person to see if you are really on the same wavelength. Whatever you do, don’t reveal your home or business phone number - use a mobile phone instead or telephone blocking techniques to prevent your phone number from appearing in Caller ID.

Online Dating Safety Tip # 6

Meet only when YOU are ready. Go with your instincts – you don’t have to pursue every relationship that you begin. If you feel that something doesn’t quite add up then there’s no need to keep communicating, or even meet in person. If you decide to arrange a meeting, you can always change your mind.

When you meet, do so in a public place. Arrange your own transport and make sure you can get safely home unaided. Leave your dates name and phone number with a friend. Have fun, but look out for yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you meet someone online or in a nightclub – there’s risks associated with any two people meeting and getting to know each other. Take things slowly and get to know the person before committing to any online relationship. Be safe and have a wonderful online dating journey!

Online Dating Safety Tip # 7

Here’s a final online dating safety tip you might not have thought of. It’s a good idea to turn off any auto-signature feature on your computer when you are contacting anyone from the online dating service. It can be very easy to add your personal information to an outgoing email without realizing that you have just given that person all of your contact details.


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