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Surprising Online Dating Statistics
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Well, when you appreciate the rapid growth with internet matchmaking, these online dating statistics are perhaps not that surprising. The interesting thing is that finding partners and companionship online just keeps becoming more and more popular.

Online Dating Statistics Reveal Numbers Keep Growing Each Year

Back in 1992 a US based research survey discovered 68% of adults had met their spouse either through a friend, family member, or through some other mutual acquaintance.

By 2009 there were estimated to be 1,400 online matchmaking sites just in the USA. In the same year there were estimated to be 1,400 internet dating sites just in the USA. Around 40 million US singles used internet matchmaking and/or social networking sites to meet new people. It was estimated 49% of American adults knew of someone who dated online.

When new regulations came into effect in Japan, in the first month more than 1,600 dating sites were registered.

Then in 2010 online dating statistics showed married couples meeting online had an average courtship of 18.5 months. Some 17% of the couples who got married had met their lover through a matchmaking site. With 1 in 5 singles in a committed relationship with a partner they met via a dating site. And, the huge growth in numbers is not restricted to North America. In the same year there was an estimated 1.5 million internet dating accounts for Australians. So, the growth is worldwide.

7 tips for making first contact on an online dating site

You have been searching your internet dating sites for someone that could become a special person in your life. You read a profile, like their photo and send an ‘icebreaker’ message to them. They reply…. what do you say and how do you say it?

Online Dating Tip # 1 Introduce yourself
The first bit of dating advice is to introduce yourself and tell the person you have contacted why you have contacted them. Let them know what similarities there are in your lives. Share more personal information with them than what appears in your brief profile.


Online Dating Tip # 2 Let them know who you are
Some online dating sites will automatically send out your photo and profile when you send an ‘icebreaker’ message to another member. Other internet dating sites will only send your message. You need to be aware of what services your dating site provides and make sure that the first ‘real’ message contains your personal ad mailbox number or online dating reference number so that the person you have contacted gets to know who you are and what you are looking for.

Dating Tip # 3 Don’t expect a response the same day
It’s a sad fact of life, but we all have busy lives! That may mean that the person you have contacted is out of town, late home or just not feeling like switching on their computer for a few days! Don’t despair if there is a few days delay in responding to your initial contact, simply re-email them after a week or so, remind them that you tried to contact them before and repeat why you would like them to contact you.

Online Dating Tip # 4 Be genuine
Men and women appreciate communicating with someone who is polite, can write a coherent sentence and show a genuine interest in who they are. Never underestimate the value of honesty and integrity! Each time you meet someone online it is a new experience if you appreciate that persons individuality you will have a much more rewarding online dating journey!

Dating Tip # 5 Don’t send out ‘bulk’ emails
If you see more than one profile that you think sounds interesting and decide to contact each person, take the time to individually say hello to each person. There’s nothing worse than reading someone's general, ’hello, I’m….’ and knowing full well that this message could have been sent out to fifty other members. When you contact the people that interested you, tell them what grabbed your attention about them. If you think you meet most of the persons shortlist of ‘requirements’ then tell them why.

# 6 Think of others
Imagine yourself in the shoes of the person you are contacting does your message sound like the something you would like to receive? If not, reword it and have another go. A little bit of extra time and effort could make a huge difference to the reply you receive.

# 7 Use your common sense

The dating advice tips we offer are a guideline only. You need to make your own decisions based upon your own judgments.

Whether you decide to chat online or meet members offline, use common sense and trust your intuition with online dating safety. If something doesn’t sound or feel right then stop! The same dating safety rules apply for keeping safe regardless of whether you’re online or in the ‘real’ world!

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